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However, Homepage the former prime minister said he wanted to be an active president, something that has been on his mind for a while, and as for giving up on the leadership of the AKP, he pulls too many strings for that to be see this website anything more than window dressing. The constitutional change for an executive presidency had been mooted by his ruling AKP back in 2011, with Prime Minister Erdogan being unable to run for a fourth term – and its adoption now would open for the door for Mr Erdogan to rule possibly until 2029. To his supporters Mr Erdogan is a man who has given a voice to the working and middle-class religious Turks who had felt marginalised by the country’s Western-leaning elite. He was seen to have ushered in a period of stability and economic prosperity, building roads, schools, hospitals and airports in previously neglected areas. Others see him as pushing too much of a religious line in a nation that was built on the secular aspirations of Turkeys modern founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The constitutional amendments would give the president the power to appoint ministers and government officials, to name half the members of the country’s highest judicial body, to issue decrees and to declare states of emergency. That raises the alarm for many. Mr Erdogan has long-faced accusations by critics of using the judiciary to silence opponents, and journalists groups have often spoken out of the stifling of their freedom to report – with many more civilians worried about the implications of a move to one-man rule. Hence the close result in the referendum. Despite what many citizens see as Mr Erdogans commitment to the safety of his countrys citizens from the multitude of threats they currently face, as he has become more powerful, his critics say he has become increasingly authoritarian. His election campaigns have been forceful and bitter, with Mr Erdogan lashing out at his opponents, accusing them of endangering the country and even supporting terrorism either in Syria or the insurgency of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

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